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We view grantmaking as a philanthropic investment in improving lives. Grants should be transformative for the recipient, giving opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach. This levelling aids not only the beneficiary, but also society. 

These guiding principles have led us to put our focus across four main areas: education and youth, livelihoods and human rights, health and wellbeing, and arts and culture. 

We achieve our aims by supporting programmes managed by innovative and well-regarded organisations in the above fields. 

We are not currently looking for unsolicited grant applications.


Veronica & Lars Bane

Veronica and Lars Bane are philanthropists from Sweden, based in London. Their commitment to social causes and equality led them to create their charitable foundation in 2019, with the intention of reaching communities and supporting charities both in developing countries and locally.


Lars Bane
Veronica Bane
Georg Kjällgren
Martin Wiwen-Nilsson

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*Please note we do not accept unsolicited grant requests.